DeFi. Unlocked.

Enabling chain-agnostic Web3 apps.

DeFi is fragmented. Siloed liquidity, data and financial primitives cause poor user experience. We address these challenges to create a new financial reality - bringing DeFi and TradFi together.

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The Diversifi Protocol

The Diversifi Protocol - the centerpiece of our innovation - is an open protocol that provides cross-chain and off-chain access to liquidity, data, financial primitives and functionality for all decentralized applications. It enables unprecedented capabilities and streamlines the creation of user-friendly Web3 apps.

Universal Liquidity


Cross-chain composability

Cross-chain composability – offers DeFi services using multi-chain primitives, data and dApps

New DeFi functionality

New DeFi functionality and usability, through utilization of Web2 services
(e.g. scheduling)

Hybrid on-chain/off-chain apps

On-chain/off-chain apps, through access to off-chain liquidity, financial primitives (e.g., derivatives) and financial services (e.g., fiat, credit, stock exchanges)

Better user experience

New, improved user experience offers access to previously inaccessible DeFi functionality, data and liquidity

The Diversifi Ecosystem and Token Utility

$DVR Utility Summary

Protocol Usage Fees

App Builders pay fees in DVR tokens to create apps and Components Builders earn DVR tokens from apps who use them.

Liquidity Providing and Market Making Incentives

DVR earning programs for liquidity providing and market making.


Distribute the DVR revenues for operational purposes: development, marketing, operations, etc.

Validation Incentives

Validators Stake DVR to validate the network transactions

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