Institutional-Grade Crypto Investment Without The Hassles And Risks

Structured products and hedging strategies using battle-tested quant algorithms

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We use a variety of crypto-assets, derivatives and DeFi building blocks such as pools and vaults.
By applying our data analysis and algorithms - including AI/ML models and blockchain data, we implement battle-tested investment strategies that hedge risk and volatility and to optimize performance.
We package our tech products in a 100% compliant manner, easily accessible to financial institutions in the supported jurisdictions.
The products on the platform are ESG-compliant for corporates, banks, funds, and other institutions.

Addressing Investors' Crypto Financial Risks

Diversifi's risk management platform provides institutional investors with analysis tools and financial instruments that address a variety of financial risks when investing in cryptoassets:

Negative returns/drawdowns (alpha)

Market-wide risk (beta)

Active risk in portfolios

Regulatory risks: trading crypto and environmental/ESG requirements

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Protected Exposure

Controlled exposure to an individual crypto-asset or a group of crypto-assets, while mitigating risk related to price volatility.


Hedge for a variety of crypto assets against beta drawdowns (i.e. market movements). Applies to a large variety of currencies (e.g. SOL, ADA, BNB and more).


Offsetting the carbon footprint of crypto assets and for investing in ESG-related securities.

Balanced Portfolios

Composite products that balance investor’s portfolio risk and reward. Machine learning models manage the portfolios to improve risk-return performance.

Programmable Indices

Baskets of assets, managed by proprietary machine learning models.

Our Clients


Family Offices

Our Family Offices solution offers simple and fast exposure to crypto assets while mitigating risk.



Our funds solution offers hedge funds, endowments, and pension funds exposure to the crypto asset class while mitigating risk.



Our corporate solution offers treasurers and CFOs tools that function as a store of value, with attractive yet solid yields, and inflation hedge.



Our white-label solution enables banks to respond to their customers' requests to invest in crypto, while protecting their money from extreme volatility.


VCs and crypto companies

Our solution for crypto companies and VCs with crypto assets enables hedging and yield generation for even the most volatile assets.

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Partners and Investors

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